Wednesday , May 18 2022

[Presentación] Discover Gray, the great indie studio studio in Barcelona –


On December 13, at the same time, it is left on the computer and at Nintendo Switches grayA new game created by Adrián Cuevas, Roger Mendoza and Conrad Roset through the Nomada Studio studio in Barcelona.

What is gray

The story is a protagonist of a traumatic experience, who has lost his voice and seeing that the world is falling. This game encourages us through this internal representation, in search of the voice recovery and unblocking of colors, in order to understand the incidents associated with the elements and during the whirling feelings that develop, in a bright, delicate and scenic scene.

Adrián Cuevas, Roger Mendoza and Conrad Roset have a visionary audiovisual experience that is capable of transmitting narrative inventions by means of visual and auditory voices without any text or voice.

Conrad Roset had a very positive experience with his participation: "I have loved, create your own world, your environment and the people you can access." During the ceremony, some original exhibitions were held in the gallery and talked about the creative process. In the storyboard phase, character design, color tests and more than 400 drawings were made; For those interested, they hope to post a game artbook.

In play mode, it is very intuitive. The title also attempts to attract and attract those who are not so popular in video games.

No visible dialogue but visible section. As an illustrator, when I talk about the visual section, I think it's amazing. A highly internationalized artist in the world, a surrealistic and minimalist atmosphere in a cold and warm environment, where watercolor highlights his outstanding work with a very interesting soundtrack (Berlin). This combination of elements means you do not want to determine the trip. Rosette has also illustrated the illustrations of the game.

Art is art

When I found myself in Espacio Solo's works of artwork, surrounded by spectacular contemporary artworks, I quickly realized that they could not choose the right place to show the title. Through contemporary art, he reflects on the basis of contemporary society's work through his works. I believe that this path is aptly placed in the birthplace by mixing traditional techniques with new technologies to travel with watercolors. Apart from the birth of a new Spanish studio, even though it was a new indie, it has been very well received by the Nintendo Switch community today.

There is nothing left to do, and this project, called Gris, highlights the art and culture involved in the project, a girl who falls in love and gradually releases her with watercolors and colors.

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