Monday , January 25 2021


Astronomy fans will enjoy different phenomena that begin with Las Cu cuadrántidas, the first star shower show on the 4th of January, the press sources published today.

According to experts, it is a long list of 2019 and includes a supermoon of the wolves, the "full moon", a natural satellite in a reddish mantle, and North America, South America, the West will be visible in Europe and Africa.

The last global eclipse that adorns the Earth's heels will be until May 26, 2021.

From 3 to 6 May, And they will announce the storm of Aquarids, the small parts of the famous Halley comets, which are collected everywhere every 76 years, and the drops of stars that will be better seen in the southern hemisphere. planet

On July 2, the entire solar eclipse is expected, as can be seen in the South Pacific, Chile and Argentina.

This year, solar annular eclipse will also result in a partial disappearance of the sun, in the Middle East and the fascinating South East Asian effects.

In a safe way to deal with this astronomical phenomenon, experts recommend using special glasses with an eclipse tailored to sunscreen.

To end a year, it is expected that on December 28 sees a pair of growing Gibbous Moon and Venus, a colorful pair that will be seen by mere eyes.

Washington, January 8, 2019
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