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11 months ago Cameron Underwood His face was completely dissolved as a result of pure suicide attempts, but his operations were very successful and, nowadays, less than a year ago, the young man showed a new world to his new face.

In June 2016, Cameron took his life with the shooter, but did not achieve his goal. The affected product lost its nose, palate, jaw and tooth fragments.

After re-adapting several combinations, Cameron's appearance was never the same, so the idea of ​​a facial transplant was raised. It would be a bet that only 40 of these interventions in the world have been made with different results.

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The intervention took place in New York earlier this year, and it took 25 hours. At least 100 specialists have analyzed their case and have expressed their opinion of how to rebuild Cameron's face, because it has been transplanted into a face of a donor to interact once more.

Only 11 months after the operation, Cameron surprised the world with a spectacular recovery and changed the dramatic change for the first time.

"Although I'm recovering and regaining sensation and mobility, especially with my lips, I'm happy with the results. I'm nose and mouth, smile, talk and eat solid food." said the young man at a conference held at the NYU Langone Health Center.

According to CNN, Cameron continues to take medication, but to prevent the body from rejecting transplantation, but its recovery has been one of the best early 2005 operations.

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