Saturday , May 8 2021

Preventive prison was declared when his grandfather was kidnapped by his grandson of San Antonio. national

© Agency One (playback) Preventative prison declare grandfather accused of his grandson being afraid of San Antonio

The victim is a 13-year-old teenager and has complained. The attacker risks his life at risk.

du San Antonio Court of Bermuda he decided preventative detention for a man 70 years old Appointed as the author of the offense of the prosecutor rape and anti-grandchildren abuse.

The boy was only 13 years old and two years ago he was the victim of his grandfather, taking advantage of the need to take care of him. The boy was unable to endure any more sexual assault and told his grandfather to his parents.

The court ruled that the judicial investigation could last 100 days and, then, that the male should make an oral trial where he was imprisoned.

When the court tried to declare itself before the magistrate, when he acknowledged a part of the incidents, he insisted he was always in sexual relations Children's "authorization".

According to the Public Prosecutor Álvaro Mancilla, the elderly argument has no legal validity, since they are under 13, and the law does not give any option to alleviate the possible defense sentence.


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