Tuesday , March 21 2023

Projection team: this is "replacement" and criticized by Johnny Herrera


Chile University It is very difficult. After losing the title (after Iquique draw) Johnny Herrera, the captain of the Blues, began a strong self-criticism and demanded an internal restructuring, including smaller divisions, including those that did not have good results this season.

"You will start from the bottom, I think that this club needs a restructuring in all its areas, I was born and raised here, we are the Cadets champion. Today, for example, there was hardly a series to play-offs"The goalkeeper was critical.

In fact, Herrera is largely entitled Only 15th, Cristián "Relojito" Romero guided the Clausura Tournament to the semi final young football

The rest of the divisions did not have the desired goals: Sub 16, Vladimir Bigorra, headed the fourteenth; Marcelo Jara coach in the 17th, finishing eleventh. and finished the ninth in 19 under César Henríquez.

This situation was created Kudelka Concern the formation of players of small divisions for work, why a group of projection was armed with young people. Finally, they are the first team players in the next two years.

As reported Kanpo PMIn order to respond to the person responsible, the following numbers are:

– Julián Alfaro, aged 17 years old
– Giovanni Bustos, steering wheel, 18 years old
– Lucas Alarcón, defender, 18 years old
– Nicolás Guerra, from 19 years old
– Ignacio Azúa, keeper, 20 years old
– Iván Rozas, flyer, 20 years old
– Yerko Leiva, flyer, 20 years old

It is noteworthy that many of these players have completed the Kudelka lists in 2018, which is another goal give more continuity and establish future bases.

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