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PUBG will present a new event with Horizon Zero Dawn

PUBGThe famous Battle Royale will make a new event Horizon Zero Dawn from it March 5th and until next April 5th, new inter-cooperation PUBG Corporation and Guerrilla Games exclusively PS4. This is announced by the people in charge of acquaintances Battle Royale sharing a themed trap and all exclusive prizes We can get hold of the limited duration of the crossing.

Exclusive new outfits

In this way, players that participate in this event can participate Eclipse set pieces completing a series specific tasks, how to play ten games PUBL to unlock the most recent Eclipse mask, sign in to win Eclipse upstairs, buy Eclipse rifle KAR98K 8,000 BP store or kill 10 players for iron exclusive frying pan A successful adventure logo featuring Aloy. Additionally, trophy trophy "A la kneilla" earns their skin.

"In collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn, we continue to follow Uncharted's and The Last of Us's content in the earlier steps. In order to join these IPs, PUBG Corporation and Guerrilla Games collaborated on the concept, design and production of elements." Taehwan Noh PUBG Corporation. "As Horizon Zero Dawn fans, the results have exceeded our expectations and we are waiting for the players to use in our game," they concluded at PUBG Corporation.

Remember that PUBG Organizes events and collaborations with other companies regularly; from one Resident Evil 2 Capcom with a newly announced cross tera, Popular MMORPG Bluehole Studio.

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