Monday , June 5 2023

Puppy moves in a wheelchair with notes of Telethon tenderness


On Saturday, a group dog lovers The Teletón Theater went on stage to launch a charity donation. About this Bulldog Bulldog Bulldogs together They came to where the two dogs were, and one of them was particularly prominent.

dress smoking and Moving with a wheelchairA dog called "Thor", next to his man, Aylin, proved that it was also necessary to enter the dog's world.

"Look how beautiful!"Rafael Araneda, one of the "Madrugatón" cheerleaders, when he saw a dog who had seen two wheels.


Next to the animal dressed in white, there was also a representative of the community and other participants, along with the bulldog dog "Luna".

Much more, this community has collaborated for 4 years with Teletón; However, They first go on stage to announce their donations. "Fatties have also put their patties in their hearts," said the representative.

The group gave it a million million pesos, he called his community and a resident of an English bulldog on Saturday, bulldog, at 10:00 p.m. Constitution

Check it at this time.

On Saturday, a new episode of the telethon must be premiered, "Madrugatón" was released, replacing the old "Vedetón", with humorous and entertaining numbers.

In the meantime, the audience soon felt at the entrance of a puppet.

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