Wednesday , May 18 2022

Pushing and his continuity Un: "It is difficult, but I hope to get a good deal"


The duration of the tournament is the turning point Yeferson Soteldo and his continuity at the University of Chile. Venezuelan finished the loan after the 2018 International Championship, and today Blues trades a possible passport purchase. However, despite the desire to continue in U and Azul Azul, negotiations are not easy to obtain amounts.

"It's hard to see. Now I'm on vacation, my country is with my family and I'm from that I will take care of my representative and I hope that they can achieve a good deal Stay there, that's what I want. First, I told my representative that if I have an agreement, I want to be there, "he said. Gala El Gráfico-ANFP 2018 planned to choose the best Soteldo Chile football.

After years of finishing the title in the previous phase of Liberators, Soteldo assured that "We started very well, we got complex, there were many things that happened, but when Frank Kudel arrived, we added a lot of things. We do not think this tournament, where we needed to do, almost won the title. It's important that we enter an international cup. "

Meanwhile Llanero had words for the departure of some of the blue towers players, such as Gonzalo Jara. "It's sad to share with whom they shareThey are extraordinary people. I got a great love from Gonzalo and I look forward to it, "he said.

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