Wednesday , September 28 2022

Radio Havana Cuba | They create a microbalance that helps protect against deadly cancers


John Rogers Group / Northwestern University

John Rogers Group / Northwestern University

Illinois, December 6 (RHC), scientists at the Northwest Illinois University, United States, have developed a small device that reveals the amount of ultraviolet light (UV) that a person has suffered during the day, and is therefore able to protect Sunburn and It helps prevent skin cancer, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

Depending on the information, the device is a small button size. "It's a bit smaller than a coin, it's a bit slower than a credit card," he describes one of its co-creators, Professor Steve Xu, adding that "it can stick or be anywhere, people customize it."

The device has a high storage capacity for data and the definition of UVA and UVB radiation can be specified, as well as light.

It uses solar energy without battery, so it does not require any charge. In addition, it is synchronized with an "mobile phone" application, where our exposure data can be detected in harmful rays in the open air, with water and our clothing or with our sunscreen application.

Today's inventions are very important, since sun is the main cause of skin cancer, as it has become an epidemic worldwide. Among the weakest groups are men, among them the death rate of this disease is significantly higher, because men use less than protective measures for women.

According to data from the Skin Cancer portal in the US. Every year, skin cancer diagnosis increases and surpasses other types of cancers. Also, a person dies every day because of the melanoma in the world. Over the last decade (2008-2018), the number of cases of melanoma diagnosed every year increased by 53%.

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