Wednesday , October 20 2021

Rafael Araneda hired Fox TV host and fiction producer Television and show


After a few weeks of speculation, it was confirmed on Tuesday Rafael Araneda will be left Chilevisión After seven years he has been one of his main faces.

The driver's contract ends on the 31st of December, but the screen will be dismissed in the morning Chilevisión morning, this Friday.

After the announcement of the news, the television house began speculation after the driver.

BioBioChile was able to confirm the origin of the animator with the sources, Araneda aims to internationalize its career, Fox channel, where the first challenge will lead to a satellite program Festival of Viña del Mar It will be broadcast in Chile and Latin America.

Remember that the next edition of the next edition of the contest will be Channel 13 and TVN's Fox alliance.

But that's not all, because In 2019 he is not only a director of at least three programs of international signals, but also for the first time in the production of fictional spaces.

It should be mentioned that Rafael Araneda has explored television in international lands on television programs between 2008 and 2015 Academy, Second Choice and Star Challenge, among others, in the Mexican signal TV Azteca.

BioBioChile also says "El Rafa" will not leave the country, a large part of Chile's work on Fox.

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