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Rafael Vaz: I'm a syndrome, but I win the love of fans

The Brazilian defender took his blue presence.

At the same time, he acknowledged "not a very positive year" for the club.

Defender of Brazil Universidad de Chile, Rafael VazHe talked on Thursday Blue Sports Center Regarding students and their departure.

In that regard, the defender said "I came in with responsibility and mistrust, but I got the love of the fans, which is very important. I shook the T-shirt in each game and I feel until the last hour. In that sense, I'm calm and I'll leave the club with a clear conscience. "

In the same line, the center assured "I always try to do the best. It was not a very positive year since we were not able to win a lot and we were not able to win a cup. Iquique could know more. We ended up sad, we did not want groups. But to win the final day, it is important to ensure the Copa Libertadores fee. "

Vaz also mentioned the complicated moment he lived after his mother died. "It was a tough and sad moment, and I could not concentrate when I played. My colleagues gave me strength. It was one of the most difficult times in my life, but my father and wife helped me to move forward, "he said.

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