Saturday , January 29 2022

Rami Malek reacted with Nicole Kidman when he watched the momentous moment Television and show


It's a good week to be an actor Rami MalekHe won on Sunday the Sunday Best Actress Award To make his role in the Golden Globes Freddie Mercury in Bohemia Rhapsody.

The night was a disturbing moment during the night, among many things Nicole Kidman, the stage returned to receive the prize Best movie Queen members and tape producers.

Malek approached Kidman and stretched out his arm to greet him and greet him, but the actor did not turn around and wandered with the other winners. Then, "rebuff", actress He held his arms on his back, one of the producers received it.

Two years later, Malek visited the program Jimmy Kimmel where he saw the images for the first time. The actor could not laugh, and said he did not see it.


The performer also explained how it happened. "I know for many years, even in this video. So I thought I could easily go and say "Hi" but it was very uncomfortable at one of these, "he admitted.

"I am sorry that I will make the Internet suffer. But it's okay," he said.

The actor, on the other hand, said that she received love messages with her husband, Kidman, Keith UrbanShe is a fan of Queen and she was fascinated with her presentation.

Remember Malek has praised his critics performance The Festival is one of the nominees nominated for the Oscars, which will take place on February 24th.

He also won the award last week Best Actor Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Critics Choice Awards have also been nominated.

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