Monday , October 18 2021

Raquel Argandoña did not break any more and made a deep reflection with his family


Christmas is almost here and has made reflective sections that question the true meaning of holiday, overcoming gifts and material objects.

In the case of the program Okay Channel 13 was an emotional advertising space, panelists and, in particular, Raquel Argandoña, who could not break or cry.

The Panelists honored the family and Gabon, paying special attention to their parents and not wanting Christmas.

"Most of us are family and privileged, but a lot of people are divided, children are not guilty of elderly people's faults." Raquel Argandoña was emotionally informed.

Then, because the eye could not contain tears, he added:I think that Christmas is an important date, but we think and think about the mistakes made. Do not let adulthood out of children. That is impossible"He punished.

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