Thursday , January 21 2021

Red | Marcelo Díaz: "Chilean is sadly grateful"

The Wheel Wheel criticized the Chilean society again, "in the face of defects, in general, they make mistakes, we are very artists, but I do not care who likes me"

Every time he speaks Marcelo Díaz, he creates consequences. He has had an excellent workout at the Super Argentinian Super League in Argentina. He also mentioned the criticism he made at the time he left the national team. Wait again at La Roja.

In the interview with La Tercera, Díaz shared the Chilean society and shared it with other fans. "Hearts is ungrateful. No one cares about past achievements (…) Some privileged people make up 75% of the Chilean international titles and, in addition, they are not valid. I draw this reason for fans of U, who always gave us what we've done "he said.

The midfielder who entered it did not forget the criticism he had received at that time, and was supposedly far from the national team. "EThe Chilean general gets mistakes on your face. We are very pleased, as we are saying, but I do not think that they are like me ", she assured her.

As usual, the former sports director La Serena turned to Red Rover: "I'm very physically and I'm football. My career is one of the best moments and I enjoy it. If I return to the National Team, I will do all my security And the joy of the world, but if I do not touch it, nothing happens: I will look out the outside. "

In addition, "Carepato" acknowledged that he was excluded from the new process under Reinaldo Rueda. "I am clearly, at this time, out of the national team and I do not want to take revenge, as I am in the race, if the coach works well, but also"he said.

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