Wednesday , February 1 2023

Reinaldo Rueda's track record ensures that the red is in danger. Red


© Agency One. Reinaldo Rueda's follow-up assures that Red's endangerment may occur

Colombian maternal health problems may cause "Triple R" to return Chile's National team to their country. TVN


Tracking Reinaldo Rueda in the Chilean team By 2019 he would have to ask his mother about health problems, Orfa Rivera.

As reported cooperative, The Colombian mother has been a bad health for a couple of years, since she threatened Flamengo's continuity. He directed the cast of Brazil in 2017.

The station explained Rueda told their neighbors that if they were left behind in Chile and had to return to their country, they would be the inconvenience they would face., due to the uncertainties created by the president of the ANFP in the next elections.

It's worth mentioning & # 39; Triple R & # 39; In the network, at the beginning of January, in January, it has been a four-year contract with the national performance of Copa América 2019. In addition, this link would be extended to "All Team" in the Qatar World Cup with the title 2022.

Red Qatar World Cup as the 2022 anniversary

Red Qatar World Cup as the 2022 anniversary