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Research links electronic cigarettes to those with a higher risk of heart attack

consuming Electronic cigarettes increase the risk of stroke, heart disease or heart disease, according to preliminary results of a new medical investigation.

du Study at the American Heart AssociationWill take place in Honolulu (Hawaii, USA), an international medical celebration next week, until today The circle causes the chance of stroke.

To this end, scientists used a 2016 database, about 400,000 of the 50 countries in the country. Total 66,795 people were former consumers of tobacco, Compared to 343,856, which had never tested electronic cigarettes.

The researchers used a logistic regression analysis to predict the result of a variable classified according to independent statistics or predictors used in statistics.

That way, they found it The so-called e-cigarettes were more prone to consumers due to some health problems due to non-smokersIn fact, they achieved 71% more stroke, 59% more heart attack or angina and 40% more heart disease.

The study also said that "4.2% of the steam soap" had been struck The analysis data does not reflect the number of deaths For this kind of cigar.

Young consumers

"Not compared to consumers, Those that burned the electronic cigar were smaller, the body mass index was lower and the lower the rate of diabetes"said an autThe study, Paul M. Ndunda, University of Kansas School of Medicine.

According to the information collected in the study, in 2016, 3.2% of the United States adults 11.3% of high school students accepted by electronic cigarettes in the previous 30 days. between In 2011 and 2015, usage grew by 900% among young people in the country.

The exam will be presented next week International Stroke Conference Honolulu

du American Heart Association Remember that electronic cigarettes with tobacco should be subject to the rules that apply to these types of tobacco and products, and that law has been strengthened so young people avoid e-cigarettes.

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