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Resident Evil 2 Remake reveals the challenges of his trophy lists

Less than thirty days left to return Raccoon City. But twenty years have to wait more than twenty years. Resident Evil 2 it will be back remake the next January 25 That way, the beauty of the face and the changes in history and play will be. Game CapcomThe myth of 1998 has already shown PS4 Trophy List (The Xbox and Steam achievements are probably the same).

Completing with the corresponding platinum, 2 gold trophies, 7 silver and 31 bronze; The list has different challenges and expectations to make a platinum fun. Of course, this time they will not be the usual saga trophies, for example spend the game in X time, or get it S level at its levels.

We must be play pretty licker, full Resident Evil 2 Remake Hardcore mode and unlock all your boxes, real endings, files and inventory extensions. as the two most difficult challenges We can spend the adventure without using healing objects and opening the story without opening objects.

Resident Evil 2 Remake trophies

They are ordinary victories, translated by Areajugones teammates.

  • Raccoon City Native – All trophies – platinum
  • A Hero Emerges – Complete the story of Leon-Silver
  • Creating a Heroine – Complete the story of Claire – Silver
  • Adding Hip Square – Increase your Inventory Space – Bronze
  • Do not Get Stinkin 'Needed Gun – Defeat an enemy with a knife – Bronze
  • That will be – Use the wooden boards to cover a window – Bronze
  • Boveda-like Mind – Open a portable security – Bronze
  • First Break – Open Security – Bronze
  • Bon Appetit – Shoot the enemy that fed the grenade – Bronze
  • Zombie Roundup – Kill three enemies at once with a subarm – Bronze
  • Like Skeet Shooting – Shoot a zombie dog or licker & # 39; in the air – Bronze
  • Keep Their Heads Ringin & # 39; – & # 39; It prevents listening to Licker – Bronze
  • Hats Off! – Throwing tie shot – Bronze
  • Treasure Hunter – Using the traces of the pictures, find two hidden objects – Bronze
  • Space belt – Expand inventory to expand large spaces – Bronze
  • Flower Explorer – Read all the files – Bronze
  • Completed Complete End – Mr. Destroy all the raccoons – Silver
  • Unlock master – Open all boxes of the game and hang it – Silver
  • Hardcore Rookie – Complete the story of Leon Hardcore. gold
  • Hardcore College Student – Complete the story of Claire Hardcore – gold
  • Frugalist – Complete the game without using cure objects – Silver
  • Minimalist – Complete the game without opening an object box – Silver
  • Small carbon footprint – Give 14,000 steps or less in the game – Silver
  • Never start the rain – Escape from the police – Bronze
  • Hack Complete – Complete Ada Segment – Bronze
  • Survival Basics – Combine Two Objects – Bronze
  • Personalizer – Personalize a weapon – Bronze
  • Eat this! – Travel cover – Bronze

And then shielded together spoilers The original did not originate:

  • Welcome to the people of the dead – get the police – Bronze
  • Goddess path – Cut the statue of God – Bronze
  • Hide and search – Complete the Sherry segment – Bronze
  • Do a great shower – Escape in the sewers – Bronze
  • Broken Umbrella – Authentic End Show – Bronze
  • Gotcha! – Step 2 ends with a single step G – Bronze
  • One Slick Super-spy – EMF Viewer once only use the Ada segment to complete – Bronze
  • Young Escape – 60-second room escapes in Sherry's segment – Bronze
  • With time saving time – Stage 4 finishes over 4 minutes until bronze
  • The Blink of a Eye – Super Tyrant defeated for more than five minutes, until the detonation – Bronze
  • Leon "S." Complete the story of the S-Bronze level with Kennedy-Leon's standard or Hardcore
  • A wonderful Scarlet hero – Complete the story with Claire Standard or Hardcore's S – Bronze
  • Grim Reaper – Complete the "Fourth Survival" mode – Bronze

Resident Evil 2 Remake We would come to the next next January 25 PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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