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Agency One.

The PDI of the crimes against crimes against the Environment and Cultural Heritage (Bidema) to recover the stolen statue and Armament during the Pacific War.

Subprefect Pablo Ibarra He explained that after working in the High Prosecutor's Office of the High Complexity of Rancagua, a discovery was made in the town San Francisco de Mostazal

The sources of the investigation indicate the place where they found work and these pieces, which would be the business owner Raúl Schuler Gatica.

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After a lengthy study and study, it was possible that the statue was in that place Since 2003 he has been robbed of robbery. However, after raid, it was determined that the pieces of the prescribed stealing were more within the property.

In particular, Bidemako langileak He retrieved 8 statues stolen from the General Sanctuary of Santiago, two statues of Santa Lucia Hille (iron), along with the San Francisco church species and stolen boxes.

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They also seized weapons according to the time of the Pacific War. Ibarra valued at between 150 and 200 million pesos.

In the end, at this time, it has not been ruled out that the request is a robbery.

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