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Return to the ancient lake [FW Labs]


Returning to French during World War II, Battlefield V presents a fun game, but still has debts.

One of the biggest saga game shooters came home to see him go ahead. We are talking Battlefield VElectronic data and artwork to return to World War II. As we all know, in this event, the first games of this franchise were established.

After the first approval of Battlefield 1, instead of World War I, the Swedes took advantage of the launch of a modern version inspired by the second. Certainly, this created a lot of expectations. After all, the Nazis took part in other more interesting and deadly conflicts?

Only Battlefield V started this week, but we've already tried Fayerwayer in the PC version. These were our impressions:

Battlefield V: Return to the Sanitary Lagoon [FW Labs]

To refuse to kill only one player … but it has not been revived

The first time I played in Battlefield 1, I expected some kind of narrative. However, they were called "War stories". The reason for this is that they gave me an experience that started to die in the shooter genre at the time.

The duration of "Campaign mode" was not so good. Each story lasted less than an hour and only started five. Battlefield V's three quarters were three in the future for the future (and it looks more interesting). Actually, those of us today … I do not shine a lot.

Yes, we will return to the same formula of the previous war. Soldiers, heroes and rebels have the greatest experience to defeat the enemy while tactics are less common. The problem is that since each story is unique, the way the characters achieve their goals is very similar.

Tell me: there is an English jail that Norwegian women face against German occupation in the "Suicide Squad" plan and Senegalese French is treated with the French anti-Marriage struggle. Having these items could vary a lot, But it is realized that the fast-paced players are in the same way.

Together, there are stealth scenarios, shootings and the mission to "destroy the amount of X points". The only thing that stands out is the "The Last Tiger", where the German tanker has been piloted. However, it is still unavailable.

However, the narrative intentions are still highly valued. We hope that the latest German history gives us this variety that we lacked with the other three.

Battlefield V: Return to the Sanitary Lagoon [FW Labs]

Your bet as a team

Battlefield V saw World War II a stronger class system. There it is assault soldierequipped with machine guns and rocket launchers. We will see "acceptance& # 39 ;, this is a few words sniper; one help, responsible for distributing ammunition; and doctor, who heals the packages

This time, he has tried to play as a team, with more teamwork dependence. For example, the ammunition is now smaller, so if you do not support the provider, it may soon be full. In addition, you can only cure a set of medications, so you will need a doctor if you do not want to die so quickly.

Changes in the live system are very prominent. When you fall into battle, your three friends will revive you. You can really scream at your first aid watch "death clock" to help you get help or facilitate your speed. respawn. Of course, the physician will be privileged to resuscitate his colleagues with a faster and healthier life.

It's important to show your team when working together. When you play games, you will find people that do not die, even though they are dying next, ask for help. However, when you take notice, you feel that you are accepting at all times and you will be able to fight permanently.

Battlefield V: Return to the Sanitary Lagoon [FW Labs]

Multiplayer modes

According to game modes, & # 39; Operations & # 39; we'll see an enhanced version called.Large operations& # 39; For several days (games), players have to destroy many targets / protect them. One-day results will be sent to the attack team in the next bonus if they achieve their goal. If they are linked to the last day, it will be a kind of sudden death, where the team will not be regenerated.

For the rest, it is the usual way of conquest, progress, domination and death ̶c̶o̶n̶ ̶C̶u̶c̶h̶i̶l̶l̶o̶s̶ groups. There is a new "The Front", that is, to unlock the enemy base to capture the flags until the targets are dynamited.. The enemy throws them back on their bases against them.

We see a great deal of multiplayer experience, which is now far more frantic compared to the previous one. Obviously, aircraft or rockets continue to dare to randomly dare a brave element. This is war, I assume.

By the way, Bullets deviated randomly. That is why it will be more comfortable and more comfortable when it is fighting.

Battlefield V: Return to the Sanitary Lagoon [FW Labs]

Art very refined

The Frostbite engine does not disappoint, giving it a great show at Battlefield V. The lighting details of the environment are very successful and they must be the successor of the artistic success of Battlefield 1. When this aspect is highlighted, the presence of moisture in the environments stands out. See the figure below.

As usual, the stage is very well cared for, especially in war stories. I remember that he particularly liked it and he was Norway, where they appeared on the night dawn. Meanwhile, in The sun shining brightness is very photorealistic in the days when the sun shines brightly.

The texture of the object and the environment are well defined. Above the shape, it is possible to distinguish a sensation of vision that creates something with a steel handkerchief.

On the other hand, the visual and sound effects are still incredible. The chaos produced by fires and explosions is similar to that experienced in the first person. Of course, it will end the production of the soldiers' plans and lies that will be found in the battle.

That's all to be at least one computer at stake.

Battlefield V: Return to the Sanitary Lagoon [FW Labs]


I did not even want to discuss, without mentioning the debate that took place in Battlefield V's trailer. Many people were scared when they saw a woman in the video, "now Battlefield includes both without meaning."

I studied the behavior that this thing affected and found no change to experience. In multiplayer mode, each player shows their faces with predefined characters. therefore, If you prefer your soldier "G"ünter "and not" Helga ", there is no problem.

The existence of women is not causing anything. It has never been undone or has started calling for privileges over the battlefield. They play as a whole: the goal of killing the enemy with soldiers. You realize that you do not play while you notice something, so you do not have to comment "now transgender in a DLC will be included in lesbian feminist black." Well, feminisms Yes, we'll find it literally.

Battlefield V: Return to the Sanitary Lagoon [FW Labs]

We waited for the rest

There is never a secret that Battlefield V is not fully capable of delivering its content, but rather several free DLCs.. That's it for those who need to wait for the whole game to follow their fans. Indeed, some interesting things like "The Last Tiger" story of war or Battle Royale will still take a bit of light.

Therefore, there is still more to give an opinion on the game. So far it has been fun, but it always lies with the players, thinks everything that might break the title of the conflict. For example, would not it be a good idea to join the Eastern Front with the Soviet Union? Not only this, you can also use other agents, such as the Italian fascist.

In short, Battlefield V is a loyal follow-up to its predecessors and knows the emotion of IIGM very well.. Changing the pace of many players has achieved a truly entertaining result. The same can be said that a player's expectations and expectations are somewhat short.

However, it is still an audio-visual beauty. The user prefers more, and probably a new content will be published. He tells the effort to bet this fever today: Battle Royale, that's still to be seen. With what you see today, it can be described as a highly recommended title to continue growing.

Battlefield V: Return to the Sanitary Lagoon [FW Labs]

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