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review features, pricing, and specifications

This intelligent speaker has decided not to have a direct competition with any other Echo family device. Not with Echo Spot, that is, another Amazon speaker with a screen. And that's why the benefits offered by Alexa are essentially like Echo devices. 10.1-inch screen Creates a new character and ability to adapt to new scenarios for use.

We can use Amazon Prime to play videos and series; video calls with Echo Show, with Echo Spot or with installed on Amazon Alexa app; You can get images of intelligent video surveillance cameras installed at home, and so on. It also includes a controller compatible with the Zigbee protocol to control device devices that we use at home. And everything for me is the best: good sounds. It's really good that we can talk long and hard about this Echo Show, so I suggest that we find together all those that we find together.

Amazon Echo Show: technical specifications

If the item Echo Show gives another character to the Echo family compared to its competitors, it's a 10.1-inch screen. In HD resolution (1.280 x 800 pixels), it uses an LCD panel, that is, it's not Full HD, so we can interact with Amazon's assistant, Echo Dot, Echo, or Echo Plus models do not reach us. , missing screens. And that is, as we will see later, in some moments, the ability to combine voice commands with tangible display screen functions enriches our experience.

The micro processor, which is the Fire OS, performs the operating system and apps created by Android that will access the operating system Android devices. Intel Atom x5-Z8350 chip Manufactured with 14 nm lithography in 4 centers, but without Hyper-Threading technology (so it processes up to 4 threads simultaneously). It seems a priori that this CPU is not a lot, especially if you are aware that Intel has many more inventive processes, but it is true that it has the necessary power to meet the needs of the intelligent speaker.


With regard to home automation, the device's features are compared to other Amazon speakers Zigbee compatible smart controller. As I have advanced in the article submission, we can use this Echo Show to control smart devices that are home-based, such as thermostats, lights, security cameras, video door phones, etc. In addition, the configuration process for these devices is very easy, we asked Alexa to find and identify intelligent compatible Zigbee components using our voice. From there, the configuration is very intuitive. And fast.

The component of this intelligent speaker who gives his own personality is his touch screen. It uses a 10.1-inch LCD panel of good quality, although its resolution, 1,280 x 800 pixels, somewhat short

Finally, in connection with connectivity, we have a micro-USB port to connect the microscope and external storage devices to the external speakers, the only physical ports that we can find in the chassis of the living space. We expect wireless connectivity: it is included 802.11b dual band WiFi Compatible with Bluetooth and A2DP and AVRCP profiles.

SCREENWRITER10.1-inch high-resolution LCD touch screen (1.280 x 800 pixels)
microprocessorIntel Atom x5-Z8350 (14 nm, 4 physical kernels, 4 threads, 14.44 GHz clock frequency, 1.92 GHz pulse frequency and L3 2 MB cache
microphonesThe 8-microphone matrix is ​​at the top of the enclosure
With Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP profiles
1 x micro USB
Smart assistantAmazon Alexa
SOUNDTwo 2-inch neodymium magnetic speakers
Passive speaker of ground radiator
DIMENSIONS246 x 174 x 107 mm
WEIGHT1,765 g
PRICE229.99 euros

This is an experience that this intelligent speaker proposes

In order to bring our voice together, the intelligent assistant is responsible for making our requests 8 microphone set Located at the top of the acoustic box enclosure. In the next figure, there are four microphones in the device profile, next to buttons that handle the volume, and live in front of another four speakers. This position responds to the need to effectively capture our voice, regardless of the direction it goes to the speaker.

Disabling the application of camera and microphone users electronically performs to prevent power

However, the merit of the intelligent assistant who receives our orders is not just a set of microphones. This Echo Show is the same Technology filtering and environmental noise cancellation We can find another Echo family speaker. Thanks to innovation, it differentiates our voice from other sounds efficiently, so it can identify our commands, although we are addressing Alexa from afar and we are listening to music with great volume. The filtering and noise cancellation algorithm enables us to distinguish our voice from other sounds in this environment and send it to a purely intelligent provider.

Next to the buttons that enable uploading and lowering the volume, there is a third button that deactivates the camera between the microphone and the top frame of the screen. It is interesting to deactivate the procedure it is completely electronic, so when pressing this button, the microphones and the cameras stop receiving power. This operation scheme shows that Amazon has made an effort to ensure that users are fully aware of the "Eyes and Ears" of this Echo Show, which is why we do not record any images or sounds for any reason.


This speaker comes with a good deal of positive experience the quality of your screen, especially when we use Video Player or Vevo to play video content. Shining brightness is enough to perform well in bright spaces, and it is a conventional way of resolving the color. This panel thinks it's an IPS type. Unfortunately, I do not confirm that this technology used by this panel is, for the moment, so far as Amazon does not reveal.

The only downside to a particular size that I put on this screen is that its resolution is quite short. In my opinion, it would be a good idea to get the full HD (1,920 x 1,080 points) and not HD (1,280 x 800 pixels) in this way, its level of detail would be higher. However, it is not at all dramatic because it is a good experience for playing video clips. In this context, it should be taken into account that, usually, the screen has a greater distance than the smartphone we use tablets, so this Echo Show can be smaller than the most common device devices.


Despite the presence of the touchscreen, almost every interaction with intelligent speaker can be done using our voice. We want to play video. Like Alexa, for example, you can request a specific content playback: "Alexa, The Big Tour on Prime Video". Or something like this: & # 39; Alexa, give me a Michael Jackson video clip & # 39 ;. This smart assistant is a great experience that we offer in this context and usually solves our requests.

Some of the Echo Show showcasing some users can attract attention, as I have advanced some previous paragraphs, to capture and show the ability to capture captured videos captured by intelligent home-based cameras. In addition, it also allows installation skills Echo is available to other intelligent speakers that make up the family, but it is an important detail, it's the same skills designed to take advantage of the options offered by device screens, such as & # 39; SensaCine & # 39; or "Mitele Momentazos & # 39;".


Of course, all available applications based on the sound of other Echo family speakers are also available on this device. We can use the radio to listen to InTune or podcasts, Listen to music with Amazon Music or Spotify to listen to the content of our listings (including the shopping list), listen to news summary, etc. In addition, the presence of the screen it brings added value Some of these applications. An example of this ability to illustrate this competence is cooking recipes. Additionally, in addition to expressing the steps we need to follow through Alexa's voice, it will complement additional visual information, so that many people will experience a much better experience.

Last strange detail: to access the configuration settings of the device we need drag your finger At the bottom of the screen, there is a gesture that we know about everything in our phones tablets. At the end of the day, this Echo Show involves a touch screen and the interaction options settings do not leave a lot of original character.


Your screen should not be confused: the speaker is, and that sounds

This is one of the most interesting sections of this analysis. First of all, this device is a loudspeaker and it does not matter how other scenario scenarios are used, even if it's not the sound quality, fails. Fortunately, in this field, this Echo Show is waiting for the task. It is more, in my opinion, and tested well after another intelligent Amazon speaker, This is the best. In fact, it also exceeds Echo Plus, a model that offers a more complex family up to now.

The lower passive radiator is missing the coil and the magnetic motor, but it is able to restore the depth and sticking to a deep end

This is a key performance in this section your passive bass radiator. This speaker is very unique, unlike tweeters The two inches of this acoustic box do not have any coils and magnetic motors, so the diaphragm is moving, due to changes in pressure due to changes in the diaphragm movements of twenty-five speakers. The direct effect of this operative operation is that the subwoofer does not need the electric power that fills its function. It uses mechanical energy.

amazonshowsonido I

If I want to emphasize the unique feature of the sound, the extension and the division would be serious. And merit, of course, lies in the passive radar that I mentioned. In fact, it is not usual to find a "low" and low bass in the acoustic box, as tight as the Echo Show. In any case, the effectiveness of frequencies and media reproduction is also persuasive, even though it is more surprising than the extreme end. As far as the range of clock and midrange is concerned, it is at the same level as the Echo Plus model, whose sound is quite good. So definitely, Yes, this new Echo Show looks good.

Amazon Echo Show: Chat Review

From Amazon's intelligent speaker, I like its layout and finish. It is not a luxury product (this price has not given much), but it is very easy to take care of the construction. However, the best quality is, in my opinion, its soundThere is also a tricks that make it possible to highlight Echo family devices, above competitors of similar prices.

The best advantage of this intelligent loudspeaker is undoubtedly its sound, that is, extreme extreme extreme

In addition, Alexa's use experience is almost always good. In general, our requests are interpreted correctly and their functionality does not stop, thanks to improvements made by Amazon. This assures us that we know by email sending suggestions that will help us get more intelligent helpers. On the other hand, it is interesting in the future Echo Show Skype will be integrated, so it is possible to call any device that has installed this communication tool.

Although I told you, do you have an improvement room? Yes No. As I mentioned in the analysis, in my opinion, the screen believed its resolution was Full HD and not HD. In fact, it got a little bit of a bit of detail, especially when playing videos (this potential improvement with other content would not be very important). I've lost others too skills They allow access to content like YouTube or Netflix (if the first one is the Prime Video competition) in a pleasant way. Mum Amazon will provide pleasant surprises in the future in this context. In any case, the live speaker has left me with a sensible and sensible feeling, following his sound, Echo is the most interesting proposal of the family.


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