Monday , October 25 2021

Review the IPad Pro 2018 [FW Labs]


IPad Pro's story came to 2016, because its first "small" version, bought 9.6 inches, could have had this revenue, and I never had to review the iPad. This writing is a device that has been created since its inception and its worldwide We're also covered in the presentations.

Now it was my turn and it has the following specifications:

  • 12.9-inch screen Retina display at 120Hz
  • Apple A12X Bionic processor
  • 4 or 6 GB of RAM
  • Versions for storage of 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB
  • Physical SIM card and e-Sim slot
  • 12 megapixel camera f / 1.8 and front f / 2.7 megapixel camera
  • 9720 mAh battery charging via USB-C


The best year 2018

Probably, until now, it's the prettiest IPad, with an aggressive and marked edge, and, aside from the iPhone 5 device, it seemed to me to be my favorite design and Space Gray, like this new iPad. Everything is balanced, it can be done with just one half finger and only 633 grams.

This aluminum sheet shows the best screen I currently use with a straight angle, with a refreshment cup of 120Hz and even better AMOLED (for technical reasons) better color reproduction, brightness, angles and more than one feature on a mobile device. There are no videos or photos that do not respond directly to what you see.

The best year 2018

The round edges help in almost mobile design, but they have enough to have a good goring and we can also do Face ID, excellent and orientation work. For some reason, if you cover your toes, a small arrow warns you to run your hand and that's it.

Apple Pencil offers a wireless (induction) charge on one edge, while not holding the magnetically, and does not shutdown the scandal. It is well thought out. In the previous model I never saw the lid lost or the load on the Lightning connector, the design is overwhelming.

The best year 2018

The keypad with the folio cover is similar to the previous one, at least with the keys, with a small trip, with a nice touch and a counter-absorption coating, very well thought out. In addition, "origami" has ended, it is as simple as cleaning today and that is, as it has been offering two angles. Of course, there are alternatives that offer more angles, but these two are my need.

In this way, the connectors have now returned and the folio case is magnetically attached, it does not use edges and nothing moves.


The best year 2018

One of the fastest and most powerful A12X Bionic processors in the world, with the exception of iPhone 4s, can be released for 4K, without any hanging or delaying, and the fastest experience with one of these terminals is faster than the iPhone XS. I thought it was impossible.

Without a doubt, if you want to take advantage of this advantage, you can access the fastest and fastest experience.

Bad? Although all Apple's attempts to leave the home computer, the iPad does not completely change, since tasks, such as a whole browser, not mobile and other heaviest things are required. I know that this machine can do it, but it's not available, such as Cubase, music production or Photoshop, which comes in 2019, but I still can not wait.

The best year 2018

There are alternatives to everything, but the power of the manages costs a lot. I was able to ride with adapters, but I think that instead of USB-C instead of Lightning, it's a lot faster because of the variety.

In the upper part, I thought I was thinking of reducing the thinness of my life, but not the previous iPad, it's just eating and stellar; Sometimes, a day and a half, I worked hard, almost all of them work there. It gives me an average laptop for 5-6 hours under the pace of my multimedia content all day long, with headphones connected to bluetooth all the time and more.

The best year 2018

Eye, sound: 4 integrated speakers of this machine have no portable devices gamer And yet, it makes a lot of beats, it's wonderful to dine with friends or shop.

Will I take it?

Yes, I found that it suited me in my life and could do something in its rich name: Pro. With all the rest of the cycle that can be used for the complete use of the computer, you will probably find a cheaper alternative to iPad, as it did in the year, and it will be a lot. Apple is compatible with pencil (although not with this new version).

The best year 2018

This very clear and lightweight printer, where I set the screen size and gains the quality of the image and sound, no battery.

Yes, I think iOS can create significant leaps in the management of files and folders, just for the current phone but I have a problem with two more steps in such a device. As with iOS. I only keep MacBooks from returning to such small things and non-platform programs, MacBooks, but this can be even better. At least it's hardware.

The best year 2018

You can find all the information on price and utility and accessories on the official website and its Official Resellers.

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