Saturday , January 29 2022

"Risk perception has diminished and that's why people have been relaxed"


du The Ministry of Health launched its campaign where it is available to the public Quick tests of 60 thousand liver lengthsDuring the holiday season and large calls, the authorities will intervene in the examination and rectification Increase in the number of infections.

In this regard, Deputy Minister of Public Health, Paula DazaHe asked CNN Chile "First of all, everything is related to the prevention and condom use".

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"The second is to disseminate information in all the primary tests, 98% of the communities are no longer in need of medical demand, and the result is 15 minutesHe complained.

The campaign promoted today by Minsal is targeted at the population aged 15 to 29, "it is the most-grown group of HIV." To find out where the road is located on beaches, squares and nightlife, "said Daza.

There are at least 30 thousand people in Chile living in HIV and still do not know.

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"Nowadays, we see that perceptive risk is diminishing, and when that happens, people relax and, of course, take dangerous behaviors," he said.

See the video attached to the conversation.

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