Thursday , June 24 2021

Rodrigo Herrera's wife revealed details about her divorce: "She disappeared" Tell me more

Mucho's participant Rodrigo Herrera's wife was silent on Tuesday. This, Tatiana Merino kept the foreman ahead of the sports journalist.

During the Red de la Intruders program, Denisse Flores stated that she was focused on caring for her son. He also said "he wants divorce as soon as possible".

Apart from this, he emphasizes that he finds psychological therapy resulting from the conflict as a result of the conflict. Besides, Pre-cancer is being treated.

"I'm not the best mood, but the storm is rotting", said Flores.

Lee also: Rodrigo Herrera's wife joined the journalist after the conflict

Regarding Herrera's current relationship, Denisse replied that he had not seen it again. "Rodrigo has disappeared"he said.

Although he admitted that he was leaving the house that lived next to the journalist.

"I left there, I'm not in that house, it made arrangements to get everything done"he commented.

In spite of divorce, Flores proved a mediator between two years, but never heard.

"He sadly did nothing," he said.

Remember that before the interview, Deniss had strong social media comments. "I have only lived for more than 2 years ago, I have not had any relationship and I am married to him."he admitted that choice.

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