Monday , January 24 2022

Rodrigo Mora announced his retirement: "I can not play more football"


Uruguay striker River Plate Rodrigo Mora The app has been released through its status WhatsApp He decided to retire from football, leaving the "millionaire" box out of the pre-season to have a problem in your changes.

"I did not give it and I have to face today's reality. I can not continue playing football, "said Former University of Chile players TyC Sports.

"I have a lump in my chest and I want to take an impossible feeling, I would like to move it in a different way, there are difficult times to make the decision," Mora added.

"Today we want to thank all my children, my relatives, friends, colleagues, coaches, leaders and fans for all our love and help."

Mora was left out of court for a few months, during her half-shift in 2017 with a fibrous necrosis.

River Plate said to the player a message on Twitter:

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