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Roger Federer admires a picture of his training


I consent KUARZO ARGENTINA S.A. and / or NET TV S.A., hereinafter referred to as "PRODUCERS" and their own
Measures to be used, respectively, by parent companies, subsidiaries, subsidiaries, concessionaires, successors and those assigned
any television program ("Program") and the presence of Kuarzo Argentina S.A. and / or
NET TV S.A. or others.


1. I expressly, irrevocably and conditional, transmit, translate, reproduce or
Material publication, in all, and in any media, without limitation

2. Make recordings and photos, record my voice, conversations, sayings,
events and sounds, about and participating in the program (hereafter, the)
"Materials"), without having to pay any compensation. I GIVE PRODUCERS AND / OR AUTHORIZATION
Channels to show, play or publish photos, shootings and / or recordings
In any media, program promotions and presto
consensus as my name is published. To do this, I authorize my permission
Filmed, recorded, and / or taken movies, recordings and images
LAS PRODUCTORAS or Canal has been released, reproduced or published.

3. I accept that USERS and / or Channel owners are the sole proprietors of the results
The profits of materials that are entitled to the use and registration of intellectual property
Authorization to use the rest, in any form and by any means. As a result,
I expressly, irrevocably and unconditionally authorize, transmit, translate, reproduce or
Material publication, in all, and in any media, without limitation
Some, television air, antenna, cable or satellite services, radio, graphic media, movies.
Internet (including, without limitation, "streaming", downloads ("downloads"), including "webcasting" and videos
ask ") and mobile and / or wireless services (including, without limitation," streaming "), downloads
("Downloads"), "podcasting" and "wireless media"), in whole or in part, any
The purpose is without limitation time and this authorization is not exclusively in the Republic of Argentina
and without having to pay for the producers and / or the channel.

Maintain strict confidentiality with all the information you know
A relationship with the program. I do not share this information with third parties. I force myself
Perform the necessary actions to carry out and take all the necessary measures
The information received is not used by third parties, accounted for or distributed, in whole or in part. I do not use
More information than participating in the program for another purpose. I accept and I understand that
The aforementioned infringement will lead to serious consequences
for you and for this reason, I have to make you feel damaging these damages.
Thus, I refuse to accept the right to review or accept the use of these presentations or their use
presentation is done. Likewise, there is no agreement to send any type of claim
Granting of the authorization granted by anyone.

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