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Ronaldo's great physical change did not drink alcohol

Since then Ronaldo Nazario he was it maximum shareholder We have been in Real Valladolid physical change. He played a public game in Brazil one year Bernabéu jumped on them all alarms. From that moment on, his mentality was different improvement.

When they enter UOL Sports, the football legend did not drink more than 9 months ago water, juices and non-alcoholic beverages. Besides, "Phenomenon"She does a lot of exercise with her stop, example Celine LocksIt already already helps forget it disturbing aspects former footballer

As we can see photographythe difference between Morientes and Ronaldo It's great. Meanwhile Spanish he deserved a physical aspect they admireIt was seen in Brazil very low shape and clear indices on personal care did not go away da.

Now it's all different. Perhaps he knows himself to be a president institution It means that I have to face many times and wants to be prepare for that. And, of course, for health reasons.

Although we know it impossible Ronaldo Nazariore owns a physical shape player (Due to having thyroid problems), it's nice to see it motivated take care. As we have already said, it has already stopped alcohol or drinking any drink harmful For your health, good manners to say goodbye Unhealthy. It keeps it now good nutrition and he regularly began with his partner.

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