Sunday , September 26 2021

Rosemarie Dietz was defeated by Mekano Tour due to alleged liability Television and shows

In all phenomena, group returns have been transformed mechanismDancing, dancing and singing in various towns in the town, along with their flagship faces.

One of them, on the other hand, was Rosemarie Dietz, apparently, that he left his bad attitude behind his project CEO himself, according to Carlos Candia.

Candia was one of the reasons to argue "Rosemary has had a bit of compromise with the team. There has been a lot of things going on and among them, we can not continue to repeat some irresponsible episodes".

He added that "When we try to offer the best show we are waiting for every weekend" (we decided to go ahead with Mekano Tour), there is no ", sent

It should be taken into account that, until now, it has not given its own version of the events, nor is it the representative of other events that it will assume.

It was decided in the last few minutes that Blond came with the rest of the members of "Mekano Tour" with the distribution of the Copihue de Oro prizes.

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