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Russia declares the planning of the SESB to travel to the Solar System planets


In 1961, the SESB made planets on the planet of the Solar System, although it had the possibility of including Pluto (including the planet).

These data are derived from files related to the construction of terrestrial communications antennas, and Rossiyskiye Kosmícheskiye Sistemy, a Russian company, is part of the Roscosmos space agency.

In a document 28 September 1961For example, the Eupatoriako space communication center system, on the Crimean peninsula, was launched in 1960 and was codified as "Pluto", fully guaranteed, with minor changes, two or two three years, Moon as Flight with or without people [a bordo] and interplanetary automatic flight stations [AMS, según sus siglas en ruso] Venus and Mars, to take photographs on the surface or on the floor. "

The most powerful antennas in the world

At the same time, the authors of the program have stated that "The development of the Eupatoria space center will allow radio communication related to the AMS system, with respect to the Solar System. telephone and phototelegrafical communication with the crew of a million-mile-long spacecraft. "

The Roscosmos agency commented that this center was effectively modernized in 1962 and that everyone communicated Interplanetary Soviet self-stations. Its ADU-1000 antennas were the most powerful in the world until 1966 and until SESB in 1979, when Eupatoria was installed, a 70 meter diameter RT-70 antenna.

The Pluto project took part in Soviet victorious space trips. That's why it was possible radar maps Surfaces surface Mars, Mercury and Venus and complete many of the founders' creation in 1961.

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