Wednesday , October 20 2021

Sabino Aguad: "Today there is no agreement with Soteldo and it's not like that" sports


Carlos Heller and Sabino Aguader in a press conferenceBlue Blue's Board of Directors was announced at this time They do not have Venezuelan midfielder Yeferson Soteldo for the next season.

"The issue is settled, We managed to manage numbers and made efforts and knew a few days ago that they are not following U. Today there is no agreement with Soteldo and it is not considered. Football is not closed, this figure would not continue, it can be said that it is always closed, "he said Blues Sports Director, Sabino Aguad.

In addition, regarding the tracking of Rafael Vaz, they have said that they have changed in economic amounts. "We talked with Vaz, we're waiting for your answer. Think of what we think we need or for another option. "

In this way, the chance to tell Carlos Quintana or Sergio Vittor for the next season.

Bebelo for the interest of Reynoso's BluesThey certify that they are doing business. "Reynoso Boca corresponds and our call to us was not over, do not negotiate to sit down. It is potentially strong, but it is not with us at this time. "

Blues will be added January 3 pre-enrollment and hope with already confirmed strengths.

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