Saturday , January 28 2023

Sakurai why Kirby Super Smash Bros. Ultimate survives and updates


Less than a week is scheduled to start Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Masahiro Sakurai He has had some words Famitsu The final trailer of the title about certain aspects.

Some of the fans who did not go unnoticed was the music of the last video. According to the Japanese, the subject was "recommended" Sakamoto Eisuke. There was no place for the mime type sound for the full title.

However, fans left something that they talked about Kirby An attack on survival, before other people, inevitably dead. In response, he replied, "It is considered beautiful Kirby, although it was very ambitious. "On the other hand," It shares the reason for the need to escape luminaire ", although the physical speed does not run away, although it is very fast. That's why Kirby stars let him play.

Because other heroes survived, instead of Kirby's adoration, Sakurai "Bayonetta can not escape, it is a spirit of Purgatory and Palutena's miracle does not work, because the other gods have become spirits."

However, he has clarified that the title of "Kirby's story" title and the first, only, controlling character, so you do not have to worry about it. In this sense, he believes that all people are well controlled.

We have also confirmed that one day update, even though its weight has not been determined. We are waiting for your availability.

What do you think? Did you get shocked by Kirby's attack alive? Leave your comments!


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