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Sampaolik made an unknown "Magician" to Valdivia

Jorge Valdivia, apparently, fills his contract with the rest of Colo Colo. Despite constant information close to Santos in Brazil, coach "10" has received bad news from coach Jorge Sampaoli.

"They are friends, and this is very important in the case of a future transfer," said José Carlos Peres, president of Santista two days ago, to open the "Wizard" in the Samba country again.

And that was indeed a friendly one, which once again strengthened the links between La Roja footballer and the coach. Valdiví himself motivated the long journey of more than 16 years to ensure they were sure to put in a new house.

Fourth of Brazil was confirmed, Valdivia contacted Casilda Argentina's violent violence, and asked whether she was interested in serving "O Peixe".


In the interview, former coach Albicelest explained the scope of the new Paulista Championship project.

The player from Colo Colo made it clear, as they say before, that the Santos leaders are a player with a strict championship that is valid for the player, but they have returned to the world champion for 35 years.

Likewise, "Don Sampa" also explained that the Port Finance was not the best. Although Libertadores did not play in 2019, the quote was complicated by paying Colo Colo's services for a player charged $ 1.2 million per year.

But DT was not completely clear in his responses and in the same communication he noticed that he was not the final decision of the subject.

The future

Within a short period of time, the "Wizard" team has a one-year contract with Mario Halle. And even though the opinions on the club are constantly distributed, talent does not mean public wanting to leave now, even if it is low.

Exceptional "save" – ​​as the highest player in Chile – argues for an opponent who wants to see it far from the monuments. The player is not comfortable too and the Brazilian news is waiting for them to make decisions.

And Santos was not the only one, but the other team led to the same reasons as Sampaoli. It will be seen

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