Monday , June 14 2021

Samsung and Huawei are preparing phones

If the 2018 trend was to stand out, next year manufacturers want to take a step further to reduce anything on the screen. Samsung and Huawei phones are just about to set up smart phones and the rest is on the screen. We already know the technology, but it has not yet reached the mobile phone.

Infinity-O: Screen that wants to make the stupid Notch

If the trend of mobile manufacturers is to be defined in 2018, it would be the word "notch". This style of screen, it was a lot of misfortune, and many others were glad, iPhone X set, and almost Except for Samsung and Sony, all brands have been approved.

A few weeks ago, Samsung learned it Notch, its intention was to jump forward Infinity-O, Infinity U and Infiniti-V. Each of these letters is a representation of the space occupied by the camera in front of these styles.

We've seen how Samsung has patented a large volume of screens Notch. It will not be accepted at once for one year, but as a screen manufacturer, they should have the widest catalog of their products for one of the largest retailers. We're talking about mobile manufacturers buying Samsung panels.

Samsung and Huawei will announce new phones next month with these screens

Surely, Samsung did not think about using all the patents that it designs. But it was reasonable for them to think they would get the best. In this case, Samsung has had the best Infinity-O, or we could think of it after seeing the latest ones.

In Samsung's case, launching this panel would be the first mobile Samsung Galaxy A8s. Remember that the previous A8 was presented in December, so that the term could be put closer than we might think.

Without technical data, supposedly a filter on Galaxy A8s we see a camera hole. It is a circular diagonal of 6.7 mm. According to the same source, Galaxy S10 would be similar to a panel, though the diagonal cutting would be less than 3 mm diagonally.

On the other hand, Huawei is also preparing a mobile with this type of screen. Ice Universe commented on Twitter that Chinese companies want to spend a few days with the presentation of Galaxy A8s, presenting this mobile phone with this type of screen for December.

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