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Samsung and Huawei fix their patent dispute

Perhaps it was not the most famous fight in the sector. but Samsung and Huawei In recent years they have made one of the biggest legal issues of mobile phones.

But, fortunately, that day is over. According to a Reuters news agency, two manufacturers decided to settle the dispute before the court.

Everything began in 2016, when the United States and China tribunals were filed. Huawei said Samsung has stolen part of the communications technology.

It's over! Samsung and Huawei resolve their patent conflicts

Now, both companies signed an agreement on February 25, 2010. An interview with a US court of appeal was filed. UU.

In this way, all the legal procedures resulting from this legal dispute would be automatically terminated. Both organizations get an agreement.

Samsung has always complained about allegations. Responding to classical response, due to the incorrect corruption allegedly due to the high fees used by its technology.

Everything was scheduled, the big dispute between Samsung and Huawei will start in September this year.

But everything has been fixed beforehand. Although Huawei still has many problems in the United States.

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