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Samsung could develop exclusive functions by Niantic


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We have received many messages and comments rumor: Alleged collaboration between Samsung and Niantic; The first one would have to pay $ 40 million for the second, games in the development of exclusive Samsung features (especially Harry Potter games).

We want to focus on the issue, starting with the rumor details:

  • The rumor appeared for the first time in The Inquirer, in the past successful filtrations were made in English technology. If the decisions were not too many, in fact, some were very media and (perhaps) more important.

For this, we have reviewed the "agreement" details:

  • Samsung would invest 40 million dollars with a "Collaboration exclusive" with Niantic. Pokemon GO would not enter.
  • Niantic would not be willing to make Pokémon GO deals (thank you, sir), but Harry Potter games (not necessarily Wizards Unite) can be used as a Samsung Touch Pen Stick.
  • The evolution of 40 million euros was followed by a tug of war between two companies.
  • The impression, a priori, would not be included in the agreement.

We know Niant makes Pokémon GO well, as Wizards Unite is developing, along with Warner Bros. Games. Games will be published by Portkey Games, but, as regards conventional questions, Warner Bros and Niantic develop together. Samsung could expect a new Harry Potter game in the equation. Why? The deal with Niantic would be difficult because it is also a third-party company like Warner Bros.

Samsung brings into the mobile gaming market. His last effort Fortnite would be pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It's understand why they should look at Niantic but why not Warner Bros?

In the end, we know that John Hanke has appeared in the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 (developer conference), Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games (Fortnite). That is, for now, the only connection between Niantic and Samsung:

Things we do not know:

  • Who said "filtering" this information. The leak source would be anonymous. We suspect, right?
  • Why this person (if any) was particularly interested in filtering this information.
  • Why something like that would be secret. Niantic has exclusive functions with Apple (with Apple Watch and Pokémon GO) Why would they keep this secret?

If the rumors are true (and we believe that they are not), they would be just some of the functions that are compatible with the peripheral Samsung. Do not let the wings rumor a lot, because there is also nothing in common with Pokémon GO.

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