Tuesday , January 18 2022

Samsung phone owners have shock: they can not delete Facebook


When Nick Winke, a photographer, found an alarm on the Internet forums: some Samsung phones, users can not delete the Facebook app.

Winke bought its Samsung Galaxy S8, the Android operating system that is already installed on the social network, when it was released in 2017. Facebook has been able to connect with old friends and share photos of natural landscapes and photos of his Siamese cat. . The program wanted to remove it from its phone, but the complaint became a truth: it was impossible to delete it. He found only one option "disable", and did not know what he meant.

"I'm giving up, if I'm not able to get rid of Facebook, when I create more questions," Winke said in a conversation. "Is it a continuation of your information, location, or anything else? We consumers have to talk about what we want and do not want our products."

Consumers have had more of their digital rights and privacy guidelines in recent years, in line with Facebook's information-sharing practices, and overall regulators have more control over data collection. Some people have removed their Facebook accounts for company defects, and others want to do so. Many Android phones have questioned the Samsung deal for selling mobile phones, a permanent version of Facebook, and some of them complaining about social networks.

A Facebook spokeswoman has stated that the disabled version of the application is deleted, so it does not continue to collect data or send information to the platform, but rarely the communication with the consumer is the process. California's Menlo Park company has said that the application may disappear or not according to certain agreements, with Facebook's phone manufacturers, operating systems and mobile operators around the world before installing facilities over the years. , Including Samsung Facebook, in the world's largest social network, did not disclose the financial nature of the agreements, but was given the "best" consumer experience as soon as the box opened.

Samsung, the world's largest mobile phone maker, offers a Facebook app installed at a price in the selected models, it lets you disable the option and it is disabled when the app is no longer running. Facebook has ruled out the list of partners with persistent application applications, depending on the region and type. There is no available offline available and consumers do not know if Facebook is pre-installed, unless they ask specifically for a customer service representative when they buy the device.

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