Wednesday , July 6 2022

Samsung's flexible phone would cost up to $ 2,500: report


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We met Samsung's flexible phone, details of …


Samsung's flexible (or foldable) phone will be as expensive as it's exclusive.

According to sources from the Gizmodo site, the Samsung phone that will use the newly presented screen –Infinity Flex Display– It will be very difficult to obtain because it will be manufactured in small quantities and it will also be excessively expensive.

The source of Gizmodo ensures that the price of this innovative phone will be between US $ 1,900 and US $ 2,500, raising the mobile phone bar for the general public more expensive in the industry. The price variation will be with respect to internal features such as storage and RAM, says Gizmodo.

The media also says that the phone will be extremely exclusive and in the UK, for example, only the US operator will sell it. Samsung has only said that it will produce around a million units of this phone, so maybe it does not reach every corner of the world as if it were a Galaxy S9 or Note 9.

The phone still has no official name and we do not know its design or its features beyond the peculiar 7.3-inch screen in its uninterrupted shape. The phone is likely to end up calling Galaxy F, Galaxy Flex or Galaxy V, according to reports.

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