Thursday , August 11 2022

San Luis appreciates gesture of fans of the Udec: they fired between applause after descent | Football


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Leonardo Rubilar | UN agency

With so many violence that is experienced these days in South American football, it is good to highlight positive news from the clubs and fans.

As San Luis de Quillota did, that in a noble gesture, He made public a situation that surprised them in his visit to the University of Concepción this Sunday.

Through a letter, the "canary" club He thanked the UdeC's attitude, its leaders and highlighted a gesture of the fans 'Foreros' with the swollen one of San Luis that traveled from Quillota to Concepción.

It should be remembered that during the match played in Ester Roa Rebolledo, those of the "campanile" managed to extend the definition of the tournament champion, while the quillotanos consumed their descent to the First B.

When the fans of San Luis were getting ready to retire from the city in the buses, the fans of the UdeC dismissed them among applause, giving their support and encouragement for the descent to First B.

"We want to emphasize the nobility of the fans of the University of Concepción, that in a gesture of humility that moves us, fired our fanatical travelers from San Luis de Quillota with applause and encouraging words, "says the statement that the quillotanos sent to the U. de Concepción.

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