Thursday , January 21 2021

SanDisk shows a 4TB flash memory prototype

Business SanDisk He is also present at CES 2019 and goes on his way. Just submit 4-Tb flash memory prototype.

This is really a milestone. In a small-sized device and light enough weight, the impressive amount of information can be stored.

At the same time, This is the biggest flash memory, because of some logic for storage capacity. But, however, the dimensions seem to be getting well.

In order to give her volume ideas, the people of The Verge bought the following coin in the following image:

Image credit: Verge

An outstanding feature here is the C-type USB cable that extends as an extension. That is, this detail seems to be not as good as the flash memory, but it can be a small SSD.

And when will it be marketed?

Right now we have to arrange it according to what SanDisk shows.

At the beginning of the article, we are facing a prototype. The company provided more information on technical data or availability and pricing in the market. There are those who think that maybe they are still a simple anecdote and it's never something to trade. We'll have to give it some time.

Source: Virgin

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