Wednesday , October 20 2021

Santander has sold its stake in Transbank, Redbanc and Nexus


In addition, the bank decided that the participant company's shareholder's meeting was not taking part.

Santander continues to make important steps to withdraw from the Transbank acquisition network. Yesterday, Credicorp Capital announced a press release requesting the sale of "Transbank, Redbanc and Nexus in full participation."

Credicorp says Santander "shareholder can exercise all its political rights as shareholders".

This means that the Spanish banks "will participate in shareholders' meetings and make shareholder decisions to those companies."

To this end, Credicorp "shares its shareholder powers with Banco Santander de Transbank, Redbanc and Nexus, so that it can be consulted or consulted before Banco Santander".

The General Forces stated that if they carry out the transaction, those who are legally entitled to acquire Santander are only financial institutions that supervise banks and financial entities.

Transbank, Redbanc and other Nexus-owned agents are limited to bank transfer support companies.

In accordance with Bank Law, companies intend to provide services to financial entities that carry out their facilities for purposes or to carry out banking operations.

Are the effects on the market?

According to important sources, Santander was able to retire to Redbanc, and without the sign of the network of companies that offer the services of transaction processes for cash dispensers.

This is because Redbanc could pay the company's use of its services. Thus, for example, Banco Falabella and BancoEstad are not part of the Redbance shareholder and ATM network.

In other countries, for example, the United States or Spain, have more than one network that includes automatic ATMs and some banks operate independently.

He consulted Santanderi to pay attention to his clients, when he left Transbank and Redbanc, the company did not mention the subject.

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