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When it comes to learning about the solar system, something that helps us identify Saturn They are their characteristics rings, who surround all the planet. But according to the latest studies NASAFuture changes could occur, but not in the short term.

According to experts based on fire and other intelligence observations, the icons on the second solar system on the solar system lasted only 100 million years. It seems that there is a significant amount of time, depending on age Milky Way It's very short.

This disappearance would arise as a result of the gravity generated by Saturn, due to the fact that the rings fell into dusty rain and generated large amounts of ice particles. "The rain of the ring" makes a number of water that can fill an Olympic pool in half an hour, "said James O & # 39; Donoghue Researcher.

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This new information was confused with the theories of the formation of rings, because experts were not defined in a specific way, and theories were not like that.

According to the hypothesis of this topic, it could have been an impact on Saturn's star star stars, or it could have been created by a "gravitational strip" of an asteroid.

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