Wednesday , January 26 2022

Sbif fine, almost $ 6 million dollars, Itaú Corpbanca loan corporations for excessive waterfalls | economy


Banking and Financial Institutions Superintendent has been consolidated $ 5,985 million Itaú Corpbanca, credits from a bank granted to Cascadas companies Julio Ponce Lerou Invested in SQM.

These loans were granted to 2011 Potassium $ 73 million more – when White gold He has already made significant commitments with the 74,494 million dollar bank in 2013 North Great $ 74 million in 2014 Pampa Calichera The amount was not determined.

According to Diario Financiero, it would be the second stage set up by the inscription body after the Supreme Court reaffirmed the first sentence of three charges after the bank appeal.

Million dollar fine began on January 4 against the bench they exceed the legal limit to granting business credits, and it is advisable for the Bank of the ItaúUniBanco and CorpGroup to notify the Bank to the Financial Market (CMF) Commission.

In 2015, the first fine was applied, Sbif calculated that the loan exceeded 10% of the bank's equity. This, however, was not affected at all by the appeal of the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of the Bank's appeals.

After that, the supervisory body began another process in 2017, against the bank against 3 positions, of which only 1 was maintained by DF. "As regards the other positions formulated in the criminal proceedings, Itaú-Corpbanca approved an exemption for the operation introduced in 2011. With respect to the operation of the 2015 financial year, the Bank's defense was approved, attributable to the guarantee," said Sbif.

As much as the banks believe that "they have been doing it right in terms of credit operations with objective positions," they are reviewing the resolution and are considering the next legal steps.

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