Saturday , January 29 2022

SBIF punishes ItaúCorpbanca again for Cascadas credit


After the Court dismissed the first fine, in a new process, the regulators charged exceeded the limits established by law.

A new chapter was written today, to the fight between the banks and financial institutions and ItaúCorpbanca Superintendencia, to overcome the legally established limits, to invest in Cascades credit companies invested by Julio Ponce Lerou SQM.

In an indispensable financial year, the bank controlled by ItaúUnibanco and the CorpGroup informed the financial market committee about SBIF's decision on January 4, $ 5.985 million (some dollars). $ 8.7 million).

The punishment history is long. In 2011, Corpbanca (now merged with Itaú) gave him a loan Potassium over $ 73 million, Oro Blanco, one of the waterfalls, the obligations with the entityor a total of $ 74,494 million.

Later, in 2013, Saieh's group bank loaned more than one loan $ 74 million North Great.

In the end, in September 2015, another operation was questioned, when the bank gave credit to Pampa Calicha another million, in the opinion of the regulating bank, Corpbanca It exceeds 10% of the asset lending assets of these companies.

After applying three positions, by 2015, SBIF granted a historic approval $ 30 million money from the bank, after taking the company's appeals case, and later to the Supreme Court, without any effect. After that, in June 2017, the Superintendent set up a three-year punishment process, but after explaining the bank's allegations – and the defense directed by Claro and Cia -, it only applied one and reduced the fine.

"As regards the other positions formulated in the criminal proceedings, Itaú-Corpbanca approved an exception to the operation introduced in 2011. With respect to the operation of 2015, the Bank's defense was approved, attributable to the guarantee," said SBIF.

On the other hand, the banks "have expressed the conviction that the credit operations carried out in accordance with the law". The problem can not be introduced into new fines, Itau also stated that the resolution was "resolved and jointly with the next district and external legal advisors".

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