Friday , June 9 2023

School Trap: More than 200 runners stuck to the path through the marathon | sport


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Photography | @Independent

In the middle of the marathon ShenzhenIn China, there was an unusual situation With more than 200 roads, he deceived the road directly.

The camera areas gave competitors approximately 250 people, some bushes in a gangway, about three kilometers short the original drawing of the race

In addition, according to AS, the runners used to use fake mustaches during the competition were detected. all Those involved in life-threatening traffic jeopardy To compete against athletic events in the Asian country.

According to the organization of the event, "we have deepened the regret over what happened throughout the year. Starting a marathon is not only exercising, life is a metaphor and Each runner cares for himself ".

Scandalous race China is angry, in that country, according to the figures of the Chinese Athletics Association, 1,072 marathons were organized in 2018.

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