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Scientific crisis: genetically modified babies


He Jiankui, scientist scientist, announced the modification of two children's DNA to HIV. The response of the international scientific community was unanimous: this was not ethical.

1. Possible as possible. Human Genome Genome II. At the International Summit, He Jiankui Chinese geneticist created two DNA viruses, using the CRISPR-Cas9 technique to deal with AIDS virus.

The Chinese researcher has not reviewed his or her studies by other scientists or even his colleagues and does not take into account the international consensus on the genetic conformation of child protection. For this reason, according to M. Vidal, "his experiment has created an expansion immediately expanded". (Country, November 29, 2018)

According to El País, Jiankui "as a" glamor-free unsuccessful father "(see), La Vanguardia published the news with" Dr. He is great genetic fudge "(see), and compares it to the Italian embryologist Severino Antinori in 2002, Undoubtedly, the man cloned to embryos and placed them in three women.

2. Risk of genetic manipulation. The experiment by Dr. He Jiankui would have the possibility of eliminating the lower molecule (CCR5 gene); through which human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cells can be infected and contaminated, the genetic material of two girls (DNA).

According to Jan Korbel, a German biologist, Deutsche Welle (DW) says that "this procedure is ethically critical, but very dangerous" may also be eliminated during the process of eliminating the molecular receptor against HIV from DNA. Other genes that will affect girls in the future. (DW, Nov. 26, 2018)

In addition, Josep Corbellá explained that Jiankui Genetic Nutrition does not have medical justification, "because a presumed baby girl is still susceptible to liver" or should know – before implanting the embryo "(La Vanguardia, November 29, 2019)

3. Ethical reaction. Although the authenticity of the experience is questioned in the scientific community, the news is that some international scientists have condemned the lack of Jiankui ethics.

More than 100 scientists, most of China, wrote an open letter and published the Chinese news website. Thus, "the biomedical ethical study of a research called research is the only name, only directing human direct experiments can be described as insanity" (La Jornada, 27 Nov. 2018)

With this news, the Council of Europe's Bioethics Committee reminded that ethics and human rights should guide human genome editing technologies in humans, and warned that the DNA edition "posed a lot of ethical problems, social and safety." (, Nov. 30, 2018)

Epilogue Jianku has opened the "Pandora's Box," which endangers human health's future. Eve's Siren's words resonate: "You will be like a god." However, it has been a scientific community and has been the basis of the media that protested it, and reminded that science would not have to redefine humans.

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