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Scientific reasons for fulfilling your New Year's resolutions

A new year, a new life. Many people take advantage of these stocks for the past 12 months, and, of course, make a list of good purposes.

If you are committed to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy life, here are some scientific evidence that can support your good intentions. And happy new year!

Join the gym

A study published in PLoS Genetics shows that the benefits of sports start after six months: the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced, accumulated fat diminishes, and changes in genetic material are also beneficial.

In addition, it helps you keep exercise control automatically and help you improve your immune system: a great ally against winter colds.

If you prefer something calmer, like yoga, you will be happy that more scientific studies recognize the benefits of this practice: reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mental activity and strengthen your heart.

Stop smoking

Negative impacts on tobacco health are well known and, given that the solution is discarded, studies published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Bulletin have shown that a 15% improvement in memory is improved.

Another work shows that quitting smoking for thirty years does not take more than a decade, says Informe21.

Learning language

Better your job expectations, it's good for your brain as well. According to scientific studies, the language improves the concentration of learning, increases brain plasticity and delays in Alzheimer's.

In addition, it seems that the two languages ​​speak of the deterioration of aging cognition.

Sign up for a volunteer

Although not the main reason for doing this, you will also be offered a part of your time to help others. As long as science studies show that altruism improves our trust and optimism and promotes physiological changes. The brain helps us happier.

Eat a healthy diet

After Christmas exaggeration, it is better than a healthy diet. Will we keep? To motivate you, we remind you that eating well improves your cognitive health and that dietary diets contain low blood pressure diets.

In addition, recent research results in a low-calorie diet, benefitting from health and aging.

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