Tuesday , January 25 2022

Scientists can find cure with cells inside the pancreas


Norwegian scientists have found it Diabetes healing optionalmost open a new hope 422 million among those who suffer it.

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du diabetesBodies can not process sugar or glucose in the blood, however no cure So people must go to different treatments it converts glucose into energy.

That is why the researchers Bergen University They found it glucagon producer cell change the identity and adapt it to the pancreas to make insulin missing

According to La Tercera, research only reveals 2% of cells Pankrean residents can change their identity, but the number of scientists has increased 5% with the help of a medication.

"They say, we have to start a new way of treating diabetes the body produces its insulin, with the initial help, "said the researcher Luiza Ghila, From the Raeder Research Laboratory of the Clinical Science Department of the University of Bergen, Bergara.

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In view of this new finding, Gila confesses that the cell identity and function might be modified Useful for the treatment of other diseases, like Alzheimer's and cell damage after the heart

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