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Scientists can find some type of exercise that extends your life!

It can be out of the gym. A type of exercise enhances the activity of an enzyme called telomerase.

It has become more obsessed with living and healthy. But excluding miraculous foods and all of these, there is no problem: exercise.

Perhaps the most learned part of anti-aging is the role of telomeres. Have it what? It is about the protection of the chromosomes that are calculated while we are aging. Now, a new German study suggests that having a long-term type of exercise is the key.

The study was published in the American Heart Journal and hired 164 volunteers in Leipzig, Germany. Ulrich Laufs, co-author and cardiologist, through research, shortened cardiovascular endurance by telomeres.

The subjects of study were divided into different groups, where different types of activities were carried out: some walked, jogged, high intensity training, or lifting machine weights. For 26 weeks, the participants did three times per week in the election training.

Six months later, it was studied in its blood to determine the activity of an enzyme called telomerase, extending the telomeres ends by building block DNA.

In each division of each cell, telomers become shorter. "After obtaining a critical difficulty by the telomere, cellular agility lives and, finally, cell death," said Laufs vice versa.

The 45-minute running of the bulls was said to be an increase in telomerase activity, but it could not take 45 minutes to lift or lift the weight.

Laufs can not fully explain why telomerase activity is done through cardiovascular endurance and not with weight, although nitric oxide releases, it has been a molecule. Telomerase

"This concept has been established in experimental / animal models and must be tested in humans," concluded Ulriche, that three times a week the trott lights would have enough to activate this process.

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