Friday , March 31 2023

Scientists find a hidden region in our brain (Video)


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Sometimes that seems human body It has already been studied in its entirety, but without finishing anything. du scientists We are constantly analyzing our behavior organism and, therefore, to discover other explored places. When doing exercise brain atlasThey found a new region that they had never seen, and that was not in other primates.

He is in charge George PaxinosResearcher and brain cartographer of Neuroscience Research Australia (NEURA). He was named brain region Endorestiform nucleus and it is next to each other spino-brain. Although he was able to see it in an image, he suspected the teacher over 30 years ago.

Especially pleasing human.

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When we talk special features In the case of monkeys against humans, for example, it does not only take shape from the body brain measure. This news brain region There are no Rhesus monkeys, whose brains were also examined. Perhaps this area is what separates us from other species, according to Paxinos: "This region may be the only one that assumes human beings brain larger size ».

Due to localized brain location, the region may be linked motor functionsbalance and position. It could be said that progress in the fight against illnesses can be said Parkinson's. In fact, brain atlas Scientists are already used in medicine and research, so that information is already disseminated.

The discovery was published in the scientist's book Human Brainstem: Cytoarchitecture, Chemoarchitecture, Myeloarchitecture. His advances continue to contribute to the study of neuroscience and neurosurgery brain connectionsAn important goal in the last century.

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