Wednesday , May 18 2022

Scientists have confirmed that mobile phones have seven times more bacteria than the toilet lid


British business scientists Initial toilet hygiene after revealing a profound investigationThere is no mobile phone seven times more dirty than the toilet lid.

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How did they meet? According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, The researchers used a special substance under ultraviolet light It shows bacteria hidden in cells and communes.

The final result was spectacular The toilet seat has a "bright" 220, the device has an average of 1,479, seven times more microbes.

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For this reason, according to RT network news, according to the number of mobile phones that are counted In a case of leather or cloth, they accumulate more bacteria than plastic housing, which can be easily washed.

According to Professor of Bacteriology at Scottish University of Aberdeen, Hugh Pennington, mobile reason is so much integrated into our lives as they are constantly in touch with our hands.

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