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du science There are unexpectedly great discoveries, coincidentally, although the phenomena found were not necessarily analyzed.

Many of these findings are in the pharmacological field, and other drugs that are related to it are unexpectedly solved by anti-drugs drugs.

One of the best examples is viagra. We thought it was about to start breastfeeding in the chest, but if you wait for it, they have found a side effect that thousands of men have benefited from. One of these coincidences was devices such as penicillin or device pacemakers.

The curiosity of the researchers and the ability to observe them can detect side effects that may make new medications for the treatment of illnesses that were ever being investigated.


According to these lines, a team of doctors in Massachusetts Hospital Hospital has found side effects to Dupilumab, a United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat skin eczema. .

Discovery, published in JAMA dermatology and bounced by scientific websites EurekAlert , reveals an eczema picture for treating drug users for 13 years, it has achieved positive results, but it was also an alopecia that was not only the aforementioned disease, but also from the age of two. He lost all the hair of his body.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that is unpleasant because it causes a complete loss of hair as it begins to attack the patient's hair follicles.

The treatment began in July 2017, it was a week of medication injection. Six months later, the symptoms of ekzema improved, but surprisingly, the patient began to show fine hair on the scalp. As time went on and after treatment, hair appeared more on the head, which also began to show pigmentation.

Although the patient had to stop the treatment for his insurance problems, his hair fell and then began to grow when he started making the injection.


Patients who treat dermatologists have not found, for the time being, the reason for these improvements in the patient's alopecia. The immune pathway that induces eczema has common elements with total alopecia, and in fact, where dupilumab would act.

However, it is not known today that this medicine affects this disease, but researchers have asked for the need for more clinical trials that require more patients.

The new goal is now to reproduce the results obtained in other patients and if it is positive, the new mental healing remedy for the mental illness would be very close. Waiting is left alone.

With hypertextual information, EurekAlert.

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